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The rise of modular construction and the role of onsite repair

Sunday 7th July 2019
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Gary Danson, Operations Director at a leading UK specialist repair firm, discusses the rise of modular construction industry and how the repair sector can help maximise its advantages.

A modular approach to construction is becoming increasingly common across the industry. There are many reasons for this, but one of the primary drivers is sustainability.

Contractors and housebuilders are increasingly obliged to take this into account when delivering on projects, something that’s driven by Government expectations and amplified public scrutiny.

For those operating in the public sector on Government funded projects, a sustainable approach is all the more important as they’re expected to lead the way in promoting environmentally-friendly ways of working.

The construction and housebuilding industries are amongst the largest consumers of raw materials, and are large contributors to greenhouse gas emissions, so it’s no surprise that their sustainability is under increasing evaluation.